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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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softurar with evese. it's rol, sow les and freshens. it alss. relva rphatweom you. petessesopeex>>n uivir aig he. gri s taey.
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k andulbu tisrm i rashs toe trts b a bu'suse r. csi'm nhypothave m a no h easi. c iicks mo peoplo g iceng vehi aroundheir ndeules ll utbc n lo >o youhillefes>>urant onor tle. >>hereweher, ha y5in suha otto pac. s
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t va'sl, se're looor fromr w o hedsonr telticulra ws ereusal isn. nk u n nean>>r . andra aw ceommulyt theof tultae. toe'"fmationentow haye nea leor newesehe liflofeurg a sordho a ee stm.cheseth he
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ra kic from the stree to the ol office vidnd winning femysng buhiinud>> eones f ooeratngck ing,"nielickingpf ye ta wivit a >>de jt a st.'v gee a o lony song s fny a s ery lleacte aoo te ret en oal ipeorma to
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to cancel her grammerformce llin fan so sorry i bee.eninadeetoc ffen.t'nced, e ytendti dma beeend nye. oneonunniw to whh yockonha figurree dao p ye b aull-me he in erivmo. epr:orgh i'hrlly iange>> rig bk.nyil h evuttookexphyet mi hratchy . itks on hicougit wks os coh to what? stspoiler alert!she make i lyucinm lieves bht and dry ughs f2 hours
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arthreef. ditce sery. let's d this. carey cfanspassre anybncats... causadotere's movi.. d there's ving th move fr ultra. asplacport ur j cartage and ne anunli theig oso-bi flells, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. geyour move . huconarus...hec vi era ofiffe ki yuc g. t nfties... ar nbeof lysol e ap to kill more
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than cx. n't pick stip tr o thisold anflu on l ng druyo l th d's acemerma s silecoug 12 ur al ll d. ofirhi ucg y uccr r sse ticy y h,d.s l es to your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a differen between the omega-3s in fish oil
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fh megared is easilabrbed by your body.. ...which makes your hea, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared proven to increase omega-ls in d gared.
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i loved cseak tlo non.there ry i >>yourealrenivpsisin c's had a cnc atleononne rorr:donatinghe nllr tdaght. poi guaho
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i t n t toda >> fgwordruak nd jeb h. is perfulic f pdee w. shiging ck. th news cpeng f ttmer we b es the inrs at nighraawds e singom a t r fu tteo d it ituesday, farth. nnouncer: abc, s "worldeww." >>rn ev auesdornire, is bs. nd' nigh bnighun itas lonsh. almosc l bre a o the bra er perrmy andonov
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tnioush sereeaerple, alosia, t r t of oashr ihut. l a with de was in ju s n aork allataean p riown trthor nor aceto feseoai ldarorets i
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iss hou de cs mage in rpaisasnd sentebri flyi >> ieen ikominme. it w ary.>>epter: t eongwi i wakinoc rt he wsive pe-s ticle o ina. when theata angieopl thedn'to>> and ns w.he i norcity,no eect or ageim ads.eyyork rm t icndit is a f rai powinis ovon nowwi a od gning trm the im of freing
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goingo bngusin datch oead floong and not ot, but 's gn fror. k urm wileothnortinds the t. wein 60 perho tntherdt to0 m,rea. ek ns jek a sps acbigroer geh t f his otst time.wioutenin bam he toldwdc tatri s miaken f r. n seo f s ttau a fruti at' e f heft- t er dur
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trumpo to at tedueisai a h a siy o tuooumealup in tolacetev inloridand t ak at rsni ngrato the cln adare e'ti then baogealdmpaid ttuses t tihe>>,, g ceby gu[ rk cug airknclms. e dot kn.
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ho l ous campamian ayee mifftey ntisis ed ,0 spoer utody t ent. tt w reominly exhiou s obang in fi seo to who d thewed. nl r into litiw.avlissue cpan n pf j alia e're jcewa a raleusibalrity rte ojustic antinli r on n >> onafbolics>> reporr: cz aears to hest wh a pital ad>>ustreme juice awaing
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wooi anpro-le juri p lohoh d p t unigd ale idoledg aasre ulir epter: p ing wintesi erin ie dete w oo llce scia s as u knwa constiti origindothi i tutihanthitmt natseoec nd e inkpsed sc in fligh out o rd reag natrpt. minut after keoff, s ba on the ground at dulles airport after the pilots
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dno p n cse. >> cadnnar binseecseep a still.roewis d bclar ath h th atta deer saysn tarted t clinic bausefan, b thafo th,uranreopng m aturersutonsegashiop own bs h
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a ss i syaesed hos clg matnicholledou bdeam rinacic care. tu. ra a r wowo en eht. >> eetal f m ssehes sinee a srerespsility tinis nd swhawant a eor ce b t as ban f nit. iea unab tis emotcetack i dohyicd . butral i hopryeth hd thatnd oieed edwsn roheelie e shouldarmed. siavin id e ne h in at
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ate a none involreanwomo tse consirebeeaksteiaac aw>> a o icas b th out atosnt unthe'an we afrha c tprobmce 2 million sopl actllspo a little while stda inia in gting maj ti th serce gting$18.5 milli flanavbeinem draor 7 miishe n e ti ma. o dve a rubb >> heooks pretty od >>he ongnsplaastght'ra
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thumheithuic >> it inv aam at big nbecara f aic nio ola. rere ano numb cntopl >>he pe dmond is worth mi drfogo >> tg toure o tnct abo,t >> howt >> ioo m bger si. hat' th aaw he s oht t ha ty puha lyer a. omupbaie
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usictis aawinclin didwisure mpinrd a tentn ts mins dowchec o beh csrewnds news now." (ugh.) our cael roundir? dooid re th itiong ient, ftens ur carpetwi. 'sesol you knowitans and freshens but it also softs. lve. a caet tha omes
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ayhen althdienth hissmphonremi hf c eraser. n jt for marks on walls... tou otchense throom gme too. 's yr...untough-ear,mr. ea mi? janet? you c ev think i m dm fomygmh. .. whake heast tcg gog s ksn s
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thmit'd is. ur heart loves omega-3 buerdierce between the omeg3s in fish oil d those in med krill. likeoigareis ey rb your body ...whi makes your heart, ll, megaappy. happier still, megared is pron to increase omega-3 levels in 30 day megared. the difference is easy tabso. ot morquhetbbeusu n't beat zern ahhh s tf ctor os ooneaning24roeartburn. ooseo movee ultr has ip-an or for joi cartilagand nes in one tiny pill. move free ula. get yourove on. and now try move free nigh rsand 2n-1jot d eentgh hiiss
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a thidontr jo >> twasly ofhe mtsar. lady gagahannge boein some owie'eshi, yi tbute tlutionary at whod lrt o she eat,sh y, tects tny dinabtelyti.his ar a e. fropeores, ou ibes a iew towck nasthe. >>te oe ye weno98 tlor he fst w atice.ollomen don' ler toak crorour shmenowa yo
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m dn litanfcompit fro ssbreeds g edo al>> repr: or dogs g 140 stter ike thborld sees a 1an ingeedsmoevefore.lian mayook kebu's a h r g. w helo bed.>>s r rstireou ourei h >>ti ts y e lke >> hsiamfoanhour it urto frygeit d gousd in ont d >>s e s
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himt aer rst in sw.paerwsw . jessngom love fgs >> >> soi out to hisheeaainsost d i wor here . kno th neagl thgh i t' aerted i'el i lokme. doste >>een angmeho fa >>e is. ll 'lbeack.(sous ofir wli music ucinnew touch ge.
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k-y er.. ermong wioveera has trition syourois, caage d bo anunlikehe bosteo-bi f it'sll in ti p move free ultra. get ovon proaindireyoy k yon put f chki o you
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ice eds bu all pls li these letouchooseny dtor or hospit tt cepts medicare paents, anthere are no netwo restrictions.unithealcarensur compy has er trty years experience andhe commitment to roll along with you, keg you ourse. soandiown aaedicarlementlan cod goong forou. ese e the ly medicare supplement insurance pns endors by aarp, anrganation serving the needof peo over for neti plnine out of ten planmbers rved
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remember, medica dsn cov everything. e res to yo call now, qut yo freioide] and art g einrmation you need toelp you ke rling wit nfidence on . ormie f rulol c hoe.we aboutmart
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even uces ilorropsand rsmas reliock'c abaan wt eyxt tng y k tmi yto "ssg t g henis fsprnoer fwho do me sosotin, ye he an ouov l fto er g . > ngn ews nos,ittl foe us
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a ul or, inou a. nef ho eay d easyivr a se justwo ht there homon and a by s rn ten ds rlit tyo t i"thenn" musicazedhe ar cpe and why adelwas nohappaboupeormae.>> it'esy,ruth ouncer: bc ns, ildand evyboomog auseske na. uik to bt oad lit"a iebe ioundayle d b dy.
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ou bul pe l t l ina n warords >>s e crttle mi minit anerums unhe dald trump is douing do on hi 11 comments. it your vor vote. as t n h ic>> rr: theanon t tro makenger brotr bu 4 wneed six obe r atand b [ rs ause >>r: a j. linan primon staga fror naruwn digiad ills en o h thsh
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isteupedndem cardiamaznl, >>teysmtno and i h las nigmiblute. loistance trav was no better. hundreds of flights were cancitre he's elet no tfrinerndelightmare y ru er hirrt count i wc in a and pennanaltethivpi-u end. a w stm novinross
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ki at. e. bk betalkabt at cleg >> >> t br w hed astrom . t'hema atlly,inittrolbynap's t signnd p kinds ofm aio t lrand realimagine.nake s was die casu bake the on. nedlyecobittlr.henn mm e ro the baor aahd, yeah health aboular tbur. thatli a wt you tow.>> a theanr sa ithafr e ai watching "wld neww." slgoh yo ttug.oko rmun.
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1:49 am
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youre. i wto you aut isn'the onour or it rate ck fo at granteeyoat can r uat a te, .but be cul. maolies u ne e, buyoca liatckthlonienog cas mber lrnore. degn alockwant ada ice th'spl g. coverage options fost $9.onth le t35entsay.acno anyoate ll locked ifoli. l increayour coverag ver beed asong yay preums,and urccisraee heth qstns caottued dn us youal callour infokit d bothree,
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t itll ts number now. dhe get lyl en up wilasste ash jet wetionsth ddlm,sollhas left hi.for r . >>usro gestra tu'dycara. ablooday y
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inth inhehelo" tngrit t aw, h r aure aojo nton o's a g ings staedotgowell onhe gup de. oh.>>t s en whabe dandla tth r,ant b ers ne r the e g. ott. eykeiv th frencfr .kindke land p. lika diey mie twe hgi o at mcna's entually ty t to b reetar righen to warsaandas of the final fitll gfor her. therene-on- daemin aen, they went to ben's paren ing waht a
1:53 am
kns into e well on "the" wheyouheff l"i don'thi i caee beiy wi kinof strsaid that. hefuher. "i d s tt nexp f the ion tnk therelyy is gone. so m thro c fn s a b. goe roseot tos got st ryons. rosfoa. come >> tears all aund. a's making pla "blor in par" >>e er. >> i d'tnow ift was r e wanted to
1:54 am
so ->>s he is wtheasittleord fifourthwnaman,aurecaa. omos ng -thin tomeoamy ing k ree's vers shha ks impoant wk? >> ns s t imrtt ee t kseod.that was all she
1:55 am
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ums, jti sa wobe aough rrn on lind hac s, j tonisc f a m, mi m he d was swinback19. aureenis aoy wod wiou ouldn' if he, iwoul't havbe as lohe. orr: ty edin dret fe ysuranze dkcameng onhe couscal los lc of cn docke ared rloreandi, lianugctors lic r gornmekeil geto mif do m m rks er ched. d g puichoell sts e n,
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alyoheeser rs loss stic esh densrg thr fr sidwheverhey reher.e dove arent yle. sapeople mhtegd inio as therull,ing.yoreal j some >>az. orelg yi"hcainbritke emoud laugh >>re is storalredent r isituatiin50 jusac die einf eterm the cot o i w d theion ofrearing ere issu enimpo, t need troterr e >>ono
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rm psie emd frolit atioig calo aiorngroerjeinthar al t fofatcks alum efd hith9/rged rsdidate flercoues e d arhethcotrsa a- atmeft atbo d9/?i s ere. lo af ndll tt ilng. mpritized cruzin auz or hi elit be althmaconsarun> e rn
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2:02 am
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2:04 am
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2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
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2:10 am
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2:11 am
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2:13 am
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2:15 am
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2:17 am
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2:18 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:35 am
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2:39 am
ers fferce between oma- iil and e in megared krill oil keish l, meily sorbed oubo ...whies we-hpy. haiel, megared isroven to incas omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. th sy tabrb loc ng fomyqut hearbeuse t !ahhhhe octor preaor heaseo moely. lect oi .vereultr t urovon. d now try mo free thfirst d 1 d eep sument
2:40 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:20 am
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3:22 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:35 am
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3:38 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:44 am
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3:54 am
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3:56 am
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